Rotterdam Cheerleaders

About us

Who are we?

Rotterdam Cheerleaders Dance Team is a group of talented ladies, who love to dance and spread positive energy and joy to people. The team is a unique group of dancers, that aim to become an irreplaceable piece of any sport and Rotterdam event by providing a great show, supporting a positive atmosphere and elevating the mood of celebration.

Our past and current collaborations include:

NN Marathon

Feyenoord Basketball

ESN Rotterdam

NK Boxing

Erasmus Basketbalvereniging Baros

R.S.V. Antibarbari

NK Boxing

Organization of Rotterdam Cheerleaders Dance Team

The Rotterdam Cheerleaders Dance Team consists of 2 subgroups: Performance Team and Training Team.

Performance Team

This is the official performance team of Rotterdam Cheerleaders. Being a member of the team means being a face of the brand and being highly involved in activities of Rotterdam Cheerleaders, such as photoshoots, sponsor collaborations and, of course, performances. We also do some volunteering and give master-classes.


  • Be on the level with other members of the performance team

  • Consistently follow the trainings (at least 2 trainings a week)

  • Be available and perform at least 50% of available performances

  • Know at least 3 dances and short choreos

  • Organize personal schedule as much as possible around the fixed times of trainings and committed performances

  • Stay in contact and be easily reachable

  • Have already performed at least 3 times


  • If a person has a strong background in dancing and is able to learn material at home and DOES SO, the appearance at trainings can be discussed and moved to once a week

  • If a person is not able to participate at 50% of available performances due to respected reasons (job/university/travelling schedules) AND is contributing to Rotterdam Cheerleaders in any other way, the membership in the Performance Team can still be discussed


  • No membership fees

  • When sponsorship occurs, the girls benefit first

  • Get the first choice at performances or at sponsorship events (modelling/photoshoots/interviews)

  • Free team items when available (team bags/lipsticks/etc.)

  • Free tickets for sport events where we perform


  • Represent Rotterdam Cheerleaders brand on social media

Training Team

This is the group of members of Rotterdam Cheerleaders Dance Team organization, who participate at classes and may perform if there are free spots and if qualified to do so. They are NOT in the performance team.

Disadvantages compared to the Performance Team:

  • Monthly fee



  • One free trial class!

  • Possibility to become a member of the Performance Team if desired BUT after learning required dances and getting on the same level with other member of the Performance Team

  • Possibility to perform with the Performance Team, if wished, BUT needs to be approved by the captain (Staisy)

  • Free tickets for sport events where Rotterdam Cheerleaders perform

  • VERY cheap dance classes and skills improvement

  • Benefit from the video content shared with everyone and possibility of training at home

  • Being from time to time on the social pages of Rotterdam Cheerleaders

Our Goals

Our team has the following ambitions:

  • Dancing at ALL sport and city events in Rotterdam and are able to be present even at INTERCITY events if requested

  • Possibility to become a member of the Performance Team if desired BUT after learning required dances and getting on the same level with other member of the Performance Team

  • Having a Rotterdam Cheerleaders Dance School, where various modern styles are taught to future generations and anyone interested

  • Merchandizing own clothing

  • Being the most famous and looked-up dance team in Rotterdam, which is reached by various social media pages