NN Marathon

NN Marathon 2022: Spirit and Adventures

2 August 2022 Staisy

The morning of the NN ¼ Marathon started for us unbelievably early. Our beauty sleep was crying somewhere in the corner. The first wave of runners was planned at around 9 am, but, as always, dancers needed to be there earlier to do the final checks on music, clothes, and formations. The weather forecast promised us a good start of the day but of course, Dutch weather was unpredictable and decided to wake us up with a tiny rain and cold wind. Luckily the DJ was on fire and turned some cheerful music on! And this is when our adventures began.

One of our cheerleaders forgot her pompons and needed to run back home to pick them up, another dancer came in training clothes while there was no changing room around to change into costumes. Luckily, we always find our way around! We were dancing on the tram railways, but as you might know, dirt plus rain turns into mud! And mud is what? Correct! It is slippery! We danced in snow-white clothes, and despite having a lot of fun, we were subconsciously praying to the universe not to fall and not to create a funny show for participants. And guess what, the universe heard our prayers! Why do we like Dutch weather? Because it is like the mood of a woman, it changes with the speed of light. The sun came out, the wind stopped, and it became warm and pleasant! The mud started to get dry, we got more confident and of course, the participants gathered for the first wave of the ¼ NN Marathon!

Cheering for the last runners of the marathon.
What better way to enrich your student life than to join Rotterdam Cheerleaders!

We have never seen such a huge crowd! So much energy, spirit, and determinism! All participants were Chee! Thank you a lot for all the fun and strength you have shared with us and we hope we lifted your spirit too! We were thrilled to hear from the DJ that this year, there was the longest wave of participants ever! Moreover, it was so nice to cheer for the last runners at the finish line of the full Marathon and see the fighting spirit in their eyes! The 2022 year winner of the NN ¼ Marathon became Jasper Boot crossing the finish line in 32 mins and 42 seconds. The Dutch record for the full NN Marathon is held by Abdi Nageeye, who crossed the finish line on the heroic Coolsingel with a time of 02:04:56. Good job guys! 12,790 people took part in ¼ Marathon and over 11,722 participants were recorded in the full 41 km Marathon! Thanks to all of you, a record amount of €765,950 was raised for the research at Erasmus MC! How inspiring it is!

Having fun with the participants and spectators of the marathon!

At the end of the day, when sitting at the bar and discussing the event, Rotterdam Cheerleaders were exhausted! Our arms, shoulders, and backs – everything was in pain! But our hearts were full of warmth and happiness! Thank you Nationale Nederlanden for having us and we are looking forward to seeing everyone next year!



Staisy is the founder, choreographer and main performer of the Rotterdam Cheerleaders.