Feyenoord Basketball

Feyenoord Basketball in BNXT League

3 September 2022 Staisy

The basketball season 2021-22 was of great excitement for us and our home team Zeeuw & Zeeuw Feyenoord Basketball, who competed in the BNXT League! Two years ago there was no audience due to Covid and this awful virus is still influencing our lives. Strict Covid regulations and restrictions for the audience, canceled games, and out-of-sudden performances became a normal day-to-day life for the Rotterdam Cheerleaders Dance Team. Thanks to such events we feel like we grew a big deal professionally and can cope with whatever the future holds for us!

However, this tough season still brought a lot of excitement into our daily life! We were happy to welcome a big number of Belgium teams at Topsportcentrum Rotterdam, had a lot of sponsored games, and of course, cheered with our whole hearts for Feyenoord! There were some unforgettable memories as well:

Coach Toon van Helfteren got really mad at one of the referees, claiming that made a mistake. He walked off the field and that was the first time a thing like this happened! I wouldn’t forget that moment. (Staisy)
On the 29th of April, after the game against Antwerp Giants, I came back home and watched the game of Zeeuw & Zeeuw back on television. During the shots, you saw us dancing and heard our name: “Welcome, Rotterdam Cheerleaders!” Then you saw a shot of the basketball players, and there was one player, Terrence Bieshaar, who started clapping for us. I think that was a really nice moment, just to see that they actually notice us and support us as well! (Priscilla)
That game against Antwerp Giants was a really big game, shown on TV as well. We danced on the court a lot of times, and I saw that the audience liked it very much. I learned so much in a short time! (Jessie)
I can remember one game where the score was so close. In the last 10 seconds, everyone was pretty nervous, even us cheerleaders. Even though our team didn’t win, it was an amazing moment to see that everyone was focused on the game and wanted Feyenoord to win. Thriller games are always exciting! (Sam)

So as you can feel, the season was full of adventures, interesting moments, and fun memories. We are looking forward to cheering for Zeeuw & Zeeuw Feyenoord Basketball in the season of 2022-23!



Staisy is the founder, choreographer and main performer of the Rotterdam Cheerleaders.