KLM Urban Run

Sky Blue Color Brightens Rotterdam

18 August 2023 Staisy

It was an early morning for Rotterdam Cheerleaders. Girls needed to wake up at 6:30 AM to make sure to gather at Markthal at 8:30 AM. What did those 2 hours include? Shower, make-up, doing hair, and the very long process of waking up on Sunday morning, which all of us love sooo much! ;) We call it “say bye-bye to the beauty sleep”. Why did cheerleaders need to do that? Because it was time for the KLM Urban Trail Run!

Meeting each other with energetic “Good Morning”, girls could literally hear the knocking sound of their teeth and see how the skin was getting bluer. Very fresh morning indeed! We checked formations and dances and headed to the starting spot. Cheerleaders were thrilled to see such an energetic crowd of participants and staff. Everyone was very open-minded, helpful, and supportive – it gave us a great boost of energy! The run was supposed to start at 9:30 AM but due to some delays, the beginning of the KLM Urban Trail Run was postponed by 40 mins. And guess what? Rotterdam Cheerleaders were dancing non-stop all this time getting very warm and awake!

We made it happen! Was it worth it? Well, judge yourself!

Then the start of the marathon came! So many participants and so much energy and adrenaline! Everyone was enthusiastic and ready to go till the end. Cheerleaders were not only wishing good luck at the start line but also encouraging exhausted runners at the finish line. And of course, we were also busy taking pictures with participants.

Cheering for the runners at the finish line.

At the end of the event, when sitting at the restaurant for lunch and sharing our thoughts on how everything went, we had sore muscles, no voice but big smiles on our faces. Rotterdam Cheerleaders would love to say thanks to the organization of the KLM Urban Trail Run for the medals and lunch boxes we received! We are looking forward to keeping working with you and supporting a healthy sportive lifestyle in Rotterdam!



Staisy is the founder, choreographer and main performer of the Rotterdam Cheerleaders.